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Domestic Violence Evaluation

You will have 3 months to complete your evaluation with a counselor before your evaluation expires and you will need to pay in full for a new evaluation.

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The state of Utah under OSUMH (DHS)  formerly known as JRI rulings has set up specific requirements that are very strict for domestic violence evaluations.  Domestic violence evaluations must be completed by a licensed clinical therapist, specific screening tools must be used and victims of domestic violence must be contacted and interviewed.  Domestic violence evaluations are very detailed and intricate and time-consuming.  EAC takes pride in domestic violence evaluation and understands that although the evaluation has strict specific guidelines and is very complex, domestic violence treatment is not mandatory under recommendations.  EAC follows all guidelines and reserves the right to recommend anger management level one, anger management level two, prime for life, and/or domestic violence treatment.  Most first time offenders of domestic violence do NOT fit into treatment criteria.
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  • You will first fill out our admit forms and contracts helping you know what is expected from you and what your rights are as a client at EAC.
  • You will then fill out a questionnaire and provide information regarding your case, family history, criminal history, etc.
  • Then you schedule a time to meet virtually with one of our counselors.
  • Once you meet with our counselor we will send you a copy of your evaluation that you can then forward to the court and your attorney.