Our mission is to provide high quality and professional services

EAC is committed to ensuring that our clients receive the best care with resources and tools that best equip them to better themselves.  
It's a team effort

Meet our core team

Oscar Mata

 Oscar understands the positive influence surrounding individuals, families and communities as a whole have on someone's substance abuse recovery. He is dedicated through a number of endeavors and local boards to serve and better the community.  Oscar founded Ethical Assessment Center with the mission to treat all individuals the same and assisting them in reaching their highest potential.

Julie Mata

Program Director
Julie has worked in the criminal justice and substance abuse field for over 20 years.  She has trained substance abuse counselors and supervised mental health professionals in Utah, Arizona, and Idaho. She specializes in low risk offender assessment and low risk offender evidence based education programs. 

Supervisor Kathy Kinghorn LCSWTherapy Utah Lehi Utah

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