Our mission is to provide high quality and professional services

EAC is committed to ensuring that our clients receive the best care with resources and tools that best equip them to better themselves.  

Meet Our Core Team

Oscar Mata

 Oscar understands the positive influence surrounding individuals, families and communities as a whole have on someone's substance abuse recovery. He is dedicated through a number of endeavors and local boards to serve and better the community.  Oscar founded Ethical Assessment Center with the mission to treat all individuals the same and assisting them in reaching their highest potential.

Julie Mata- MCJ, ASUDC

Julie has worked in the criminal justice and substance abuse field for over 20 years.  She has trained substance abuse counselors and supervised mental health professionals in Utah, Arizona, and Idaho. She specializes in low risk offender assessment and low risk offender evidence based education programs. 

Supervisor Kathy Kinghorn LCSW Therapy Utah Lehi Utah

Keeley Mendenhall-LCSW

Domestic Violence Clinical Counselor
Keeley is a licensed clinical social worker and has been working in the field for over 15 years. She earned her Bachelor's in Social work from Utah State University and her Master's in Social work from Portland State University in Oregon. She is an advocate for using evidence based treatments and assessment tools to help provide the best outcomes for people. She is passionate about people getting the best treatment to make sustainable life changes. She has worked extensively with children and parents in helping them create safe home environments and helping families heal from traumatic experiences. 

Jessica Omer

Jessica is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She received her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees at Utah State University. She values evidenced-based strategies and appreciates how the Ethical Assessment Center is up to date on research and strives to provide clients with fair services. Most of her professional career has been helping students and families within the school system. She has experience conducting crisis evaluations, working with patients hospitalized in the behavioral health unit, and working with voluntary and court-ordered clients struggling with addiction. 

Melissa Eggett

case manager
Melisa is the legal specialist and case manager for Ethical Assessment Center. She is an expert at working with attorneys, courts, and defendants to create an easy, smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.
Melisa has over 25 years in customer service and specializes in state law and DHS rule.
Prime for Life Certified Instructors
Kindra Bothwell, Spencer Cieslak, Amy Gardner, Lehi Cruz
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EAC Mission

EAC was founded on the guiding principle that we all make mistakes. It shouldn't be the mistake that defines us, but rather how we overcome it. You have experienced financial, personal, and emotional cost because of those mistakes.
At EAC we ensure a professional setting that is focused around your recovery and not our personal finances. That is why we do not self-refer out for outpatient treatment and make sure we follow our policies to keeping an open and honest relationship with our clients.