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Licensed state-wide OSUMH (DHS) and Prime for Life Approved (former known as JRI) facility offering evaluations, Prime for Life, and online courses for years. 

Benefits of using EAC Utah's services

Our instructors have designed a high quality learning path that is customized for you and your busy life.

Interactive Learning

Our courses and evaluations are thorough with interactive tools for you to better comprehend the lessons at your own level.

24/7 Courses

Our courses are accessible 24/7 so you don't have to wait and work around our schedule.  You get to determine how quickly you complete your court ordered courses.

21st Century Classroom

Over the last 5 years we have perfected a high quality education system that is accessible online on any mobile device.  We understand how difficult it can be to complete court ordered services where many are left with a revoked license.  Take our courses anywhere!


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Do you have questions?  Reach out to us!

Here at EAC we pride ourselves in our high quality customer service team.  We can help you from figuring out what you are needing to complete to be in compliance with the court to sending you your certificate of completion.  You can call or text our main office at (801) 388-2840.
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Our clients have
some nice things to say about us

"Ethical Assessments really delivered as promised in my time of need. I give them my 5-star recommendation.  You, too, will find they will take care of you as if you were family. Just call, email or text and see for yourself.  Thank you for all you did to help me get back on track for success."
"EAC cares! That's it. What else really matters? They care. EAC gives honest evaluations that help people not only navigate the legal system but also offers solid, real advice to help them navigate life better. I cannot say enough about Ethical Assessment Center."
"I just wanted to say how much I appreciate Ethical Assessment Center's service.  They made this process so much easier.  Their customer service was so kind and professional and overall great to speak with."
Comprehensive, Accessible, & Fair

EAC Mission

EAC was founded on the guiding principle that we all make mistakes.  It shouldn't be the mistake that defines us, but rather how we overcome it.  You have experienced financial, personal, and emotional cost because of those mistakes.

At EAC we ensure a professional setting that is focused around your recovery and not our personal finances.  That is why we do not self-refer out for outpatient treatment and make sure we follow our policies to keeping an open and honest relationship with our clients.