Terms and Conditions

Grievance Process
EAC offers grievance and complaints process. Clients are encouraged to fill out grievances if desired. The grievance process entails that they would submit the grievance form.  To request a form you need to email info@eacutah.com with the subject line "Grievance (Your Name)". 

Upon reviewing the grievance, a response from the clinician or the program manager would be written up. The staff and the individual would be brought in to discuss the grievance. 

Refund Policy
EAC is not required to refund a client for a course that they selected.  The client is responsible to ensure that they are ordering the correct course that the court has ordered them to.  EAC is not responsible for a client purchasing the wrong course.  EAC WILL NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS.

Ethical Assessment Center (EAC) does not give refunds for any services, for any reason.  We use programs that will not refund a payment to save money for our clients.  Make sure you order the correct service. 
Please read and check that you agree to the following terms and conditions.
We do not provide refunds for individuals who require a substance abuse assessment who have felony charges.  We do not complete substance abuse assessments for DCFS cases.  We do not provide Domestic Violence evaluations that are not pre-approved.  If you need a Domestic Violence evaluation please email your your police report to meggett@eacutah.com and talk to Melisa at (801) 388-2840 PRIOR TO PAYING.  You are not guaranteed a refund if you haven't been pre-approved.  

If you do not follow the above process, if we are unable to complete your evaluation you will not get a refund.  When you complete the paperwork, screening tools, and order services at EAC payments are paid out to for all of those things immediately.  So, there are no refunds.  EAC has fine tuned a high quality process to get your services completed in the most timely manner.  It is important to make sure you follow this process to make sure you save time and money and we can provide the highest of quality services.  By agreeing this terms and conditions you understand that once you order a service there are no refunds.  You understand prior to ordering a Domestic Violence  or mental health evaluation you must be pre-approved for services.  You will not receive a refund.  You will not receive a refund if you order an assessment and have a felony case or are on probation with Adult Probation & Parole.  You will not receive a refund if you order the wrong services.