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First Offense DUI or Charge, Substance Abuse & Alcohol Assessment

You will have 3 months to complete your assessment with a counselor before your assessment expires and you will need to pay in full for a new assessment.
If you purchase the incorrect assessment you will be advised to pay the remainder before your appointment. 
This course is for anyone ordered to a Substance Abuse Assessment for a first offense meaning you have no other substance abuse or alcohol charges that you have plead guilty to in the last 10 years. 

Court Certified

Data Driven

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What's included?

Step by Step
  • You will first fill out our admit forms and contracts helping you know what is expected from you and what your rights are as a client at EAC.
  • You will then fill out a questionnaire and provide information regarding your case, family history, criminal history, etc.
  • Then you schedule a time to meet virtually with one of our counselors.
  • Once you meet with our counselor we will send you a copy of your assessment that you can then forward to the court and your attorney.